I have been a gardener since the age of 12. Fascinated by plants and their life cycles, I have tried to grow just about everything at least once. In 2015 when I was on a quest for a more natural solution to David’s diabetes diagnosis, I discovered essential oils and how they can help our health and general well being. I immediately started researching them more and how they could be of use for our whole family, including our dogs. In the past two and a half years I have been so amazed and encouraged by all that I have seen that I want to share them with everyone. We have used oils in so many ways and even though the kids were skeptical at first, even they came around to the fact that quite simply … they work and work well. We have used oils for everything … acne, cuts, callouses, burns, eczema, sleep aids, sore muscles, sore throats, stuffy noses, breathing treatments, headaches, digestive upset, pest repellent, carpet cleaning and more!

The gardener in me is so tempted to start growing my own plants and distilling my own oils but the planting and harvesting alone would be a tremendous amout of work and would likely yield so little that I have turned todoTERRA instead. It is a company that is doing great good in the world; not only selling and distributing oils, but empowering people all over the world with their co-impact approach to harvesting their products in an environmentally friendly way that benefits the communities where the plants are grown and harvested.

If you are have been curious about how to use essential oils and how to incorporate them in your life and the life of your pet, feel free to reach out and ask questions, and learn about the many ways you can use oils for the benefit of everyone around you. There is no pressure to buy or join anything… I just want to share so many simple ways that we can all take a more natural approach to our health and overall wellness.

Will be blogging about the different oils every week and offering homemade potions and remedies for sale now and again.


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