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2019 Year in Review


Golden Gate KC
Frida BOS for a 5 pt major & Pickles Best of Breed from the classes for a 5 point major


Sacramento KC
Pickles BOB for 2 more points

In Minnesota
NEW CH Saudades’ Juicy Fruit aka JUICE


Gavilan KC
Reina Winners Bitch for a point each day


Favor’s 1st litter arrives 

FCRSA National Specialty Results for all dogs owned, bred or co-bred
Sweepstakes under breeder judge Judy Gladson
3rd place 9-12 mos puppy dog
1 st place  12-15 mos puppy dog and Best Puppy In Sweeps
1st place 15-18 mos puppy dog
1st & 3rd place 12-15 mos puppy bitch
2nd place 15-18 mos puppy bitch
1st place 7-9 Veteran dog and Best of Opposite Sex in Veteran Sweeps
3rd place 9-11 Veteran dog
4th place 9-11 Veteran bitch
Regular classes under breeder judge Helen Szostak
3rd place 9-12 mos puppy dog
2nd place 15-18 mos puppy dog
1st & 3rd Bred by Exhibitor 
2nd place American bred dog
3rd place open dog
2nd place 15-18 mos puppy bitch
4th place open bitch
4th place 7-9 Veteran dog
1st place Brood bitch
QQQ award winners …
Saudades’ Irish Mist who also won High Scoring Flat Coat at the Agililty trial

Falafel’s 2nd litter born (our M Litter)


puppies, puppies and more puppies!


Santa Barbara KC Frida earns another point towards her Championship


Sir Francis Drake KC
Fattoush earns two points and his CD title


Skyline Dog Fanciers
Frida Winners Bitch/ Best of Breed
Del Valle Dog Club of Livermore
Fattoush Best of Breed / Frida Best of Opposite Sex - two new Champions


Chandler, Arizona
Day 1 …Pickles Best of Breed from the classes , Frida Select, Omar Winner Dog
Day 2…Pickles WB/BOW /New Champion, Frida Best of Breed
Day 3…Omar Best of Winners, Pickles Best of Breed
Day 4…Omar Winners Dog, Frida Best of Opposite Sex, Pickles Select


Last show of the year … quick trip to LA for the GWFCRC Supported Entry.
What a day we had!
Favor Best of Breed / BOBOH / Owner Handled Group 1
Rocky Winners Dog / Best of Winners / Best of Opposite Sex
Reggie Reserve Winners
Rosa Winners Bitch to finish her Championship
Chili Reserve Winners

Not a bad year at all!  We crowned 7 new Champions in 2019.  Our puppies had a great debut in the show ring and our family grew with many great, new owners.  Our thanks to all our puppy homes for always doing their best with their Saudades’ Flat Coat.  

Here’s to more success in 2020!

Two Champions in a Day!!

It is not often you get to finish two dogs in grand style in one day but Saturday at Del Valle proved to be our day … Fattoush Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best of Breed for a 3 point major to finish his title and Frida Winners Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex for her 3rd major and final points for her Championship!  
Accomplished both of my goals for the weekend!  Love it when a plan comes together!

Farewell Mickey!

Yesterday we received the terrible news that Mickey aka Saudades’ Danish Blue died of hamangiosarcoma on September 25th at the age of 8 years old.  He was much loved by the Rodriguez family and we were lucky enough to stay in touch with  them throughout his life.  He gave them no notice, just lived life to the full and wagged his tail until the very end.  I’ll post the family’s write up here along with some photos when I receive them.  In the meantime, hug your Saudades’ dog extra tight this weekend in honor of Mickey … much adored and sorely missed.

Nina outdid herself


Still standing at the very end, Nina and her brother Trooper (Fishercreek Super Trooper) earned Judge’s Awards of Merit!  Nina was expertly handled by her owner, Theresa Kuchinos.

GCH Fishercreek Take A Chance On Me RN BN WC DS


This is Maestro’s daughter Nina.  She earned three new titles at the National which qualified her for the Tri-Wizard award!  Very proud of all Maestro has produced! 
Photo by Terry Fowler

Saudades’ Kebab with Falafel


Keanu had a great debut at the FCRSA 2018 National Specialty winning his 9-12 month puppy sweeps class under breeder/judge Liz Saunders and the 9-12 mos regular puppy class under breeder judge Jim Irvine of Scotland.  

He went on to take Best Puppy In Show!!!

2018 is already a good year for Saudades!

So far this year our kennel has had some fantastic results …

1/5 - Sporting Dog Fancier’s of Southern California
FRIDA  - Best Puppy In Sweepstakes

1/6 - Palm Springs Kennel Club
FATTOUSH - Winner’s Dog - 3 point major

1/7 - Palm Springs Kennel Club
FATTOUSH  -Winner’s Dog - Best of Winners - 5 point major
FRIDA  -Winner’s Bitch - 5 point major

1/12 - Mount Rainer Sporting Dog, WA
LOLA -Catori-Saudades’ First Ever After (Schmee x Juliet) Winner’s Bitch - Best of Winners for a 5 point major

1/18 - Portland, OR
TRYST - Catori-Saudades’ First Forbidden Escape (Schmee x Juliet) Winner’s Bitch - Best of Winners for 1 pt

1/19 - Portland, OR
NEW CHAMPION TRYST - Winner's Bitch - Best of Winners for her last 2 pints to complete her Championship

1/20 - Portland, OR
NEW CH LOLA - Winner’s Bitch - Best of Winners  to complete her title with a 4 point major win

1/21 Portland, OR
JETT - Catori-Saudades’ First Class Jett (Schmee x Juliet) Winners Bitch - Best of Winners for her first major and LOLA goes BOS for her first GCH major

2/13 Westminster Kennel Club, NY
FAVOR - Select Bitch under judge Pluis Davern for another 5 pt GCH major

2/17 Santa Clara Valley Kennel Club 
KASHI - Saudades’  Khafta Khashkhash was WB/BOW for her first point

2/18 Santa Clara Valley Kennel Club
KASHI goes Winner's Bitch again to earn another point.

3/21 Vallejo, CA
FATTOUSH - Winner’s Dog/ Best of Winners / Best of Breed for another point and FRIDA Winners Bitch for 1 point

3/31 Wisconsin
KEANU - Saudades’ Kebab with Falafel was Winner’s Dog / Best of Winners for a 4 pt major meanwhile in Albany, OR…
CARTOUCHE - Catori-Saudades’ First Time’s Lucky was WInner’s Dog/ Best of Winners for a 5 point major

4/1 Albany, OR
JETT was Winner’s Bitch / Best of Winners for another major, a 5-pointer and LOLA finished her Grand Championship in style going Select Bitch for her 5th 5- point major!

That’s a total of 46 points, 9 majors, 2 New Champions and 1 Grand Champion in less than 3 months!  So proud of all these dogs that I own, have bred or co-bred and their dedicated co-breeders and owners.  All of them are under the age of 2 years and are really showing a bright future for our kennel.  

Equally proud of those that are doing rally, obedience, agility or just being their owners best friend!  

Saudades’ High Hopes aka Rico, agility star


Rico had lots of fun running agility at the Harvest Moon Classic agility trials!

Photo by Jessica Heacock

2017 - Starting the New Year off right!

All of the years I have been showing dogs I had never ventured down to the January shows in Palm Springs, so this year I decided to make the trip with my good friend.  The grounds, the weather and the atmosphere of the show was fantastic!  The trip was made even better by some great results for our kennel!


Friday, January 6, 2017 
Southern California Sporting Dogs Association Specialty show

Luna - Saudades’ Garden Party was Winners Bitch for a 5 point major towards her Championship
Rowdy - CH Wind Dancer’s Fortune Hunter SH WCX was Select Dog for his first Grand Championship major! 

Saturday, January 7, 2017
Kennel Club of Palm Springs 

- Saudades’ I Walk The Line went Winners Dog for his first point with his owner Susan Liby
- *CH* Almanza The Bitch Is Back, co-owned with Kerry Forni, was Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite Sex  to finish her Championship
Luna - Reserve Winners Bitch
Rowdy - Best of Breed and another 5 point Grand Champion major

Sunday, January 8, 2017
Kennel Club of Palm Springs

 - Saudades’ I Walk The Line went Winners Dog for another point
Luna - *CH* Saudades’ Garden Party was Winners Bitch/Best of Winners for a      5-point major to finish her Championship
Falafel - CH Saudades’ Funny In Farsi was Best of Opposite Sex for her 3rd GCH major
Rowdy - Best of Breed and his third 5-point Grand Champion major and the first recipient of the Bob Winningham Memorial Trophy (shown above)

Meanwhile in Minnesota...

Saturday, January 7, 2017
Land O Lakes Kennel Club

Jameson - Saudades’ Irish Mist was Reserve Winners Dog
Juice - Saudades’ Juicy Fruit was Winners Bitch and Best of Winners
Gisele - Saudades’ Going Away Party for Shannara Reserve Winners Bitch
Maestro’s daughter
Sami - Shannara’s Esperanza was Best of Opposite Sex

Sunday, January 8, 2017
Land O Lakes Kennel Club

Jameson - Saudades’ Irish Mist was Reserve Winners Dog
Jenny - Saudades’ Imagine That! was Winners Bitch for her first point
Sami - Shannara’s Esperanza was Best of Opposite Sex

So we ended the weekend with 19 points (3 5-point majors), 5 GCH majors, 1 Select Dog, 1 Select Bitch, 1 Best of Opposite Sex and single points on 3 of our puppies.  Made the drive home much easier.  Pleased as punch!

More photos to follow!

Fantastic Results from FCRSA 2016

Kennel da Saudade was well represented at the Flat-Coated Retriever National Specialty!

Our FCRSA 2016 Specialty Photo Album

Here is a full listing of our results …

FAVOR - Almanza The Bitch Is Back (at her first ever show)

Winner!  1st place Sweepstakes 6-9 month puppy bitches                                                                        Winner!  Best Puppy in Sweepstakes                                                                                                                  Winner!  1st place Regular Classes 6-9 month Puppy Bitches                                                                  Winner!  Winner!  Winners Bitch - Best of Winners - 5 point major!

LOLA - CH Starworkers Ooh La La
 1st place Brood Bitch
3rd place Veteran Bitches 7-9 years

PINGA - GCH Saudades’ Caipirinha de Cachaça
4th place Veteran Bitches 7-9 years

MAESTRO - GCH Almanza Intermezzo
3rd place Veteran Dogs 7-9 years

LYMON - CH Saudades’ Dream On In Denmark
Made it down to the final cut in Best of Breed
Helped his mother win the Brood Bitch class

SCHMEE - CH Saudades’ Escape To Neverland
Made 3 cuts in Best of Breed

FALAFEL -  Saudades’ Funny In Farsi
Winner!  1st place Bred By Exhibitor Bitches and Reserve Winner’s Bitch
Helped her mother win the Brood Bitch class

HULA - Saudades’ Hula Hoop
Winner!  1st place  15-18 month - Junior Bitches
2nd place Sweepstakes -  15-18 month Junior Bitches

IMA - Saudades’ Ipanema
2nd place Sweepstakes - 9-12 months Puppy Bitches
3rd place Regular Classes - 9-12 month Puppy Bitches

JUICE - Saudades’ Juicy Fruit
2nd place Sweepstakes - 6-9 month Puppy Bitches
2nd place Regular Classes - 6-9 month Puppy Bitches

LUNA - Saudades’ Garden Party
2nd place American Bred Bitches

CASH - Saudades’ I Walk The Line
2nd place Sweepstakes - 9-12 month Puppy Dogs
2nd place Regular Classes - 9-12 month Puppy Dogs

HULK - Saudades’ Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Love at Shannara
3rd place Sweepstakes - 15-18 month Junior Dogs 
2nd place Regular Classes - 15-18 month Junior Dogs 

POPPER - Saudades’ Jalapeño CGC
2nd place Sweepstakes - 6-9 month Puppy Dogs 
2nd place Regular Classes - 6-9 month Puppy Dogs
Qualified in Rally Novice B

DAX - CH Saudades’ Daily News of Denmark RN NA NAJ NF
Made 2 cuts in Best of Breed
2nd place Beginner Novice A Obedience
Qualified in Rally Obedience Advanced B
Winner!  1st place Novice Standard Agility (morning trial)
Winner!  1st place Novice Jumper with Weaves (morning trial)
Winner!  1st place Novice Jumpers with Weaves (afternoon trial)
By qualifying in at least 3 different venues …
Dax qualified in 4 (Conformation, Obedience, Rally and Agility) and was awarded the Patti’s pride QQQ award!  

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