Here at Kennel da Saudade we live iwth our dogs and believe in
evaluating and training each and every dog to determine what it may or
may not add to our breeding program and to the next generation of
Saudades' Flat-Coated Retrievers. This commitment means that we will
not produce a large quantity of litters, but it is our hope that each litter
improve in quality and type.

As we continue our breeding program, it is our sincere hope that all
Saudades’ puppy buyers will become our partners in our work of
producing multi-purpose Flat-Coats, dogs with correct conformation who
love to do the work for which they were bred. Our goal is that all
Saudades’ dogs epitomize the all-around versatility that the Flat-Coated
Retriever is known for, and we count on our puppy buyers to help us as
breeders to protect and preserve this legacy.

We encourage all of our puppy buyers to become members of the
FCRSA, and in fact, require the first year’s membership in our contract.
The quarterly Society Newsletter is a wonderful resource for health,
training and general breed information. We feel that it is important that all
Saudades’ owners be as educated as possible about the breed; even
information that may not pertain to your puppy today can be of great use
to you later in your dog’s life. Participation in the National Club helps ensure
that all Saudades’ owners become keepers of our beloved FCR breed.

We simply cannot determine where to take our breeding program without
knowing how all of our dogs turn out, and that's why we ask a lot of our
puppy buyers. We ask them to help us keep our lines healthy by certifying
the health of all Saudades’ dogs, as directed. We want to know about
health problems (
especially cancer), and we want to know how your dog's
training is going. We want you to consider us your resource for questions,
and want you to ask our help with your Saudades dog. And of course, we
want to hear about all the good things, too:

Not only the ribbons and the titles, but also the joys of living with a special dog.

At Kennel da Saudade, we are your partners for the life of our dogs!

If you are not ready to make an 8- to 14-year commitment to your dog, to us, and to the breed by communicating at least two times each year (and more often as necessary), we ask that you find a different breeder or another breed!

Keli Martin 2021