Saudades “E” Litter

GCH Almanza Intermezzo x GCH Saudades' Caipirinha de Cachaça
Maestro x Pinga
Born July 3, 2011
6 boys, 2 girls

This pedigree represents some of the best show lines in Europe, including Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands.  This is also a continuation of our foundation lines.  As expected we got great substance, lovely Flat-Coat type and sweet, soft temperaments.  With such an international pedigree, we found it only fitting to use a World Cup theme with the collar colors, hence the country names.


USA aka Saudades' Endless Summer
Schmee aka GCH Saudades' Escape to Neverland
Brazil aka Saudades' Even Faster In The Rain
Finland aka Saudades' Ever At They Ready
RIP Sweden aka Saudades' Eastern Promises  - “Griffey”
July 3, 2011 to June 2019
Spain aka Saudades' Edge of Glory
Holland aka Saudades' Everlasting Legacy
Mexico aka Saudades' Empanada

E Litter Gallery

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