Saudades’ “I” Litter

Simon Says Piccadilly Circus (Import Norway) x Saudades’ Edge of Glory

Born July 29, 2015

6 boys & 6 girls


“I” Litter Gallery


How wonderful it is when a plan comes together! This litter took a lot of effort to make happen which involved several people and we are so pleased to have these 12 babies here at home. Gaga has been a phenomenal mother to her large brood and the pups have been a joy to raise. These puppies are everything I expected from this pedigree and more. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for them all.


Saudades’ Ipanema aka Ima
Saudades’ It’s Now Or Never aka Elvis
Saudades’ Irish Mist BN CD RA AX MXJ XFaka Jameson
Saudades’ Imagine That! aka Jenny
Saudades’ Into The Mystic aka Leo
Saudades’ Indelible Ink aka Indi
Saudades’ Itsy Bitsy Spider aka Sadie
Saudades’ Iron Giant aka Jette
Saudades’ IKEA aka Alta
Saudades’ Island Girl aka Jasmine
Saudades’ I Walk The Line aka Cash
Saudades’ I Believe I Can Fly aka Murphy

Keli Martin 2021