Saudades’ Party2 / “J” Litter

CH Saudades’ Escape To Neverland x CH Starworkers Time To Celebrate

Schmee x Party

Born October 11, 2015

7 girls, 3 boys



J Litter Gallery

While this repeat of our G litter was not planned … We welcomed these ten pups with open arms after seeing the success of the 3 intact G puppies and the stories from owners of other G pups who just adore their dogs. Not surprising at all, based on Schmee and Party being complete mushballs who just want to hold on to you, be with you and be loved by you. This litter has surprised and delighted us already with three pointed puppies… Juice, Callie & Popper in their first year of showing. I cannot wait to see what 2017 holds for them.


CH Saudades’ Juicy Fruit aka The Juice

Saudades’ Just Do It aka Lexi

CH Saudades’ Jaboticaba aka Callie

Saudades’ Jelly Belly aka Imogene

Saudades’ Jumbalaya aka Olivia

Saudades’ Jundiai aka Stella

Saudades’ Jasmine Jubilee aka Jasmine

Saudades’ Jewel for Tomme aka Banks

CH Saudades’ Jalapeno BN RA CGC TKIaka Popper

Saudades’ Jalisco aka Buck

Keli Martin 2021