CH Starworkers Ooh La La
Born May 25, 2008
SUCH NUCH Engelen From Above x Compendio Vela Luka


Health Clearances

Black, no liver, no yellow

Wild Lola

My 40th birthday present to myself! Lola slept on my lap on the long flight home from Copenhagen at 8 weeks and has been my special girl ever since. She is a lovely bitch and not extreme in any way. We let her grow up before showing her much and she finished her Championship in less than 60 days with 4 majors, including a BOB along the way. She is a nice, biddable retriever with a passion for the water. Lola has been a lovely dam for our kennel, producing the D , F & H litters and has put her mark on all of her puppies!

Keli Martin 2021